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How Quickly We Fall

Does anyone else out there get as complacent and lazy as I did after the cold weather began and the racing season wound down?  I freely admit that I had a certain degree of hubris about my fitness level, especially after the magnificent group showing in Richmond in November.  I slacked, and I slacked HARD!

The week of Richmond, November 10-15, I was able to easily pound out 50 push-ups and 10-12 pull-ups was nothing.  This morning I struggled to complete FIVE push-ups and was lucky to get TWO pull-ups.

Now this could be age related.  It could be that I felt like I was invincible (as invincible as a 53 y.o. can be).  The more likely scenario is that it was a combination of age, hubris, and my new found fascination with the craft bourbon trend!

Stay tuned as I work hard to unravel the sticky web of inactivity and come out stronger than ever.  My official marathon training schedule begins next week, but I’m not going to sit around waiting for it to arrive.  I was happy to discover this morning that, despite my recent laziness, I could still manage 50 body squats without any trouble – so all is not lost.

I await my second (in one month) copy of Unbreakable Runner by T.J. Murphy and Brian MacKenzie.  I took that with me to read on the flight to/from the MetroPCS Dallas Marathon in December and read it cover-to-cover.  Convinced that the plan made sense, sense enough that I would give it a shot, I promptly left in the seat pocket of my return flight 😦  The replacement arrives tomorrow.

My one sentence take on Unbreakable Runner is:  Crossfit meets primal eating meets distance running.  Two of those I already (mostly) do, so I’m going to incorporate the crossfit element and see what happens.