On The Go

So I’m going to create a category called “On The Go.”

First, a little background on the impetus for this category and why I think it’s important for me, and possibly entertaining for you, to make these weekly entries.

Every weekend I walk.  Not just a leisurely stroll.  A serious WALK.  I do also run, mostly in the form of an all out sprint session every 7-10 days.  But I always make sure to take this long walk once a week.

Why do I walk 10 miles every weekend, you ask?  Well I have this goal of performing a Grand Canyon hike in May 2015.  Not just hiking around at the park either.  No, I plan to hike from the North Rim, to the South Rim, and back again.  So I walk.

One of the things I really enjoy on my walk is the time I get to spend in my head.  The drawback is that this isn’t out in the country where you get the added benefit of the peaceful sound of birds, the occasional squirrel, the wind through the trees.  Since I live in a large city in the midwest the sound that this walk is accompanied by is nothing but cars.  The location and path are peaceful enough, but the path is never far enough away from a busy roadway that you don’t hear the incessant grind of rubber on asphalt, punctuated by the occasional idiot with the faulty muffler or glass pack headers.

To combat this vile intrusion into my mind I always walk with my iPod and sound isolating in-ear headphones.  So on a 2+ hour walk I hear a lot of music.  I never hear the same song twice on the same day since I have over 6,000 songs on the iPod.  And so I get to self analyze how I’m feeling that day based on my thoughts, with the music as the soundtrack.

It seems that every week there are three or four songs that play on the random playlist that really strike a chord with my mood, my thoughts, my past, my future….something just really hits me with those songs and I’ll press the “add to on the go playlist” button so that I can go back later and listen to them again.

So from now on, if you care, you can come here once a week and take a peek inside my brain and see what moved me emotionally.  It could be a pretty interesting discovery for us both.  I know that for me I find inspiration even in songs I’ve heard hundreds of times.

Just this week I heard a song that made me do a complete 180 with the emotions I’ve been struggling with regarding the way I feel about my ex.  I’ll post the songs from this weeks playlist, you figure it out.