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Catching Up

Just now getting around to posting my playlists from my long walks.  I’m just going to combine the lists from March 9th and 14th.  On the 14th I only walked 5 miles, hence the shorter playlist.  I did walk my normal 10 miles, but I did it on the 15th because the weather was unbelievably nice and was forecast to drop 30 degrees the next day so I took advantage of it.  The weather on that Saturday was so nice in fact that I was too engrossed in enjoying walking in shorts and a t-shirt to tag any music!

I’ll try to link a YouTube video to the song, if I can’t find one I’ll link a song I like to the artist name.

I do know one thing for certain about the last few weeks though; I still wasn’t fully free, I still had a sliver of hope going that I could at least have my friend back even if we couldn’t be a couple anymore… I admit though that there were still some feelings of anger.

But today I let them go.

March 9th:

March 14th:

That’s it.  There won’t be a playlist from this weekend because I’m rebelling!  That taste of 70F last week spoiled me and this weekend didn’t get over 40F so I didn’t walk a step.  In my defense though I have joined an RKC certified gym and have been working out with the kettlebells three days a week so I feel justified in my choice.  The weekend isn’t a total fitness bust, I’m going to my first Tai Chi session this evening.

February 23rd, 2014

Well, I upped the mileage of my walk a little bit.  Nothing truly significant, about 1.5 miles more, but that equals more songs got put on the playlist this week.

  • For What It’s Worth/Best Of Me – Ryan Bingham
  • Diggin’ Holes – Brent Cobb
  • It’s So Heavy – Tedeschi Trucks Band
  • A Way To Survive and Don’t Touch Me – Jamey Johnson
  • To Beat The Devil and Feeling Mortal – Kris Kristofferson
  • My Father’s Advice and ‘Til I Gain Control Again – Rodney Crowell
  • Sombras – Raul Malo
  • Bread & Water – Ryan Bingham
  • Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday – Warren Haynes
  • Old Strings – Julie Roberts with Vince Gill

February 16th, 2014

A lot of Kris Kristofferson this week.  Not really any surprise there when you consider what a brilliant song writer he is, especially in matters of the heart.  All but the last of the songs (which is just funny as hell) have to do with still dealing with my role in the breakup and just pondering on our relationship in general.

  • Real Fine Love – John Hiatt
  • Ain’t Much Left of Me – Blackberry Smoke
  • If You You Can’t Love Me Forever – Paul Thorn
  • I’d Rather Be Sorry – Kris Kristofferson with Rita Coolidge
  • Roads and Other Reasons – John Starling
  • Hard Man to Love – Kevin Fowler
  • Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I’ll Ever Do Again) – Kris Kristofferson
  • Trains I Missed – Walt Wilkins
  • Nobody Wins – Kris Kristofferson
  • The Girls from Texas – Charlie Robison

This weeks new music

One of the other things I do related to music is that when I’m driving anywhere I snap photos of the SiriusXM screen whenever a song I like comes on, then when I get home I buy the song and add it to the iPod.

Everyone knows that the music you relate to has a direct reflection on your psyche and so to further enable anyone who might read this to see what makes me tick I will start posting the songs I purchase based on my SiriusXM listening.

This week I bought the following:

  1. Truck Drivin’ Cat with Nine Wives by Charlie Walker (added to my truck driving songs playlist)
  2. Counterfeiter’s Blues by Corb Lund
  3. Like A Cigarette by Boo Ray
  4. I Always Keep Moving On by Peewee Moore
  5. Mental Revenge by Waylon Jennings
  6. Big Red Sun Blues by Lucinda Williams
  7. Truck Drivin’ Son-Of-A-Gun by Dave Dudley
  8. Red Dirt Roads by Red Dirt Rangers

Must watch video of the week:  Corb Lund “Bible on the Dash”

A note about songs 1 & 7;  Since I now teach truck driving for students seeking their Class-A CDL I have a collection of truck driving songs.   There isn’t really any connection to who I am in most of those other than I spent a stint as a truck driver after I retired from the Navy and I think truck driving songs are cool.

Brief thoughts about what a persons music says about them;  Having such a huge appreciation for music, and in my own mind made a connection to the songs I like to the kind of person I am, I’m going to make a generalization about new “music”.   If a persons taste in music is truly a window to their soul, then it’s no wonder the youth of this country are sick and narcissistic.  What does it say about a person when their choice of music is so disturbed?  Is it any wonder we have societal problems when people are attracted to lyrics about killing cops/women/babies, beating up your girlfriend, etc.?  I’m not talking about any songs about ecstasy or whatever the drug of the day is, because there have been songs glorifying drugs for well over 40 years.  I’m talking about the songs that advocate pure, hateful, violence for violence sake.

February 1st & February 8th 2014

Okay, here’s the inaugural edition of the “On The Go” playlist.  These are the songs that I playlisted while walking.  I still had the playlist from last week so this week you get the pleasure of two!

February 1st:  Too Late For Goodbye – Randy Rogers Band;  Roads and Other Reasons – John Starling;  Open Season on My Heart -Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell

February 8th:  Strangers Getting Stranger – Dawes;  Fall Apart – The Mavericks;  Never Been Rocked Enough – Delbert McClinton

See you next week!

On The Go

So I’m going to create a category called “On The Go.”

First, a little background on the impetus for this category and why I think it’s important for me, and possibly entertaining for you, to make these weekly entries.

Every weekend I walk.  Not just a leisurely stroll.  A serious WALK.  I do also run, mostly in the form of an all out sprint session every 7-10 days.  But I always make sure to take this long walk once a week.

Why do I walk 10 miles every weekend, you ask?  Well I have this goal of performing a Grand Canyon hike in May 2015.  Not just hiking around at the park either.  No, I plan to hike from the North Rim, to the South Rim, and back again.  So I walk.

One of the things I really enjoy on my walk is the time I get to spend in my head.  The drawback is that this isn’t out in the country where you get the added benefit of the peaceful sound of birds, the occasional squirrel, the wind through the trees.  Since I live in a large city in the midwest the sound that this walk is accompanied by is nothing but cars.  The location and path are peaceful enough, but the path is never far enough away from a busy roadway that you don’t hear the incessant grind of rubber on asphalt, punctuated by the occasional idiot with the faulty muffler or glass pack headers.

To combat this vile intrusion into my mind I always walk with my iPod and sound isolating in-ear headphones.  So on a 2+ hour walk I hear a lot of music.  I never hear the same song twice on the same day since I have over 6,000 songs on the iPod.  And so I get to self analyze how I’m feeling that day based on my thoughts, with the music as the soundtrack.

It seems that every week there are three or four songs that play on the random playlist that really strike a chord with my mood, my thoughts, my past, my future….something just really hits me with those songs and I’ll press the “add to on the go playlist” button so that I can go back later and listen to them again.

So from now on, if you care, you can come here once a week and take a peek inside my brain and see what moved me emotionally.  It could be a pretty interesting discovery for us both.  I know that for me I find inspiration even in songs I’ve heard hundreds of times.

Just this week I heard a song that made me do a complete 180 with the emotions I’ve been struggling with regarding the way I feel about my ex.  I’ll post the songs from this weeks playlist, you figure it out.