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Are you still drunk?

What? No!
Are you sure, because this sounds like something a drunk man would do.
I didn’t even drink last night.
Then what’s that bottle over there?
Well okay I did have exactly ONE drink at midnight, you can see that the bottle is still nearly full, so why would you ask if I was still drunk anyway?
Because I was reading over your shoulder as you were planning your 2015 running.
Oh, yeah that.

So New Year’s Day arrived and I was considering what I should do vis-a-vis my running goals for 2015.  I feel like I want to do something epic.  But yet I still have to be realistic.

So how can I blend Reality with Epic?  I’m going to call it Realepic!

I’m going to keep it realistic by keeping it fun; we all know how unfun training can be when we don’t keep it fun – and in the stage of life I’m in now the only way to be realistic about what I can and can’t do is to understand that I’m not 20, 30, etc.  I’m nearly 55 and, despite all the running I did in 2014, I’m not in really good shape.

I realize that I kept 2014 a little too fun, hence the shape I find myself in.  The last 5 months of 2014 were Epic, I ran an organized 1/2 Marathon every month starting with the Revel Rockies half in Denver and finishing the year with the MetroPCS Dallas half.  But by the time I reached Dallas I had become complacent with my conditioning which resulted in a disappointing finish to the year.  The Dallas finish is what has me motivated to make 2015 an even better year than 2014.

So to keep this short, and give me things to write about as I progress, I’m going to lay out the still nascent plan.  I happened to be reading some Hal Higdon articles when I came across his 6-6-60 and 7-7-70 accomplishments.  So the seed was planted, from which is sprouting my 5-4-54 plan for 2015.   Five half marathons, four full marathons, during the year I turn 54.

So I spent the better part of the morning on New Year’s Day scouring the schedules for runs that would fit into the plan.  The only thing that I had already committed to was Grandma’s Marathon in June, so I had to build around that.

My training starts as soon as I publish this, it’s cold out and I haven’t run one single mile since the Dallas Half three weeks ago.

So far the plan looks like this:

April 18th – Half #1:  What better run to kick of the 5-4-54 than with one sponsored by the one piece of technology I absolutely obsess over after every single run than the 2015 Garmin In The Land of Oz run?  I’ll kick off the year with a half just like I did 2014.   I want to start the year off right, since I didn’t finish 2014 like I wanted, with a PR.   I’m wiping the slate clean for now, so I’m not including my times from the late 90’s.  All PR’s moving forward are post-heart surgery PR’s.

May 3rd – Full #1:  I’m going to have to get up early if I’m to succeed in getting registered – The Lincoln Marathon.  The registration is capped at 12,000 which sold out last year in under 12 hours.  So I’ve got my alarm clock set to get up and get in.

May 30th – Half #2:  I’m going to head back to Iowa for half marathon number two in the series.  The iconic Dam To Dam in Des Moines.  It looks fun, it’s been around for 35 years, and the people of Des Moines really know how to support runners.

June 20th – Full #2:  The one I’ve always wanted to run, Grandma’s Marathon! When I first started running in the late 1990’s, to impress the smart and beautiful DB, I dreamed of running Grandma’s Marathon.  So it was natural for me to dream of this race once I started running again (to impress no one this time LOL).


September 13th – Half #3:  A short jaunt north to South Dakota for the Sioux Falls Marathon.  I’m hoping that being a little further north at this time of year will equal cool temperatures.

September 20th – Full #3:  The Omaha Marathon.  I ran the half last year and it was pretty enjoyable.  I have to say that as far as public support this one isn’t the greatest – Omaha really needs to step it up a notch to get the people of Omaha more involved and make this a go to event.  It would really be nice if they could somehow incorporate the Old Market into the race.

October 18th – Half #4:  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one.  It’s just recently been announced, 2015 is going to be the inaugural of the Nebraska Marathon.   My back up runs for this if it doesn’t get off the ground will be either the Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver or I’ll return to Des Moines for the IMT.

November 22nd – Half #5:  Out of town again for the last in the series of half marathons for 2015.  I’ll be running on Tulsa time at the 10th running of the Williams Route 66 half marathon in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

December 13th – Full #4:  I’m going to finish off 2015 just like I did 2014, just twice as far – The MetroPCS Dallas Marathon.   I loved the half so much that I have to go back and do it again.  This race was so well organized, the expo was unbelievable, the people of Texas fantastic (as usual) and like the song says the women are beautiful.

Now that I’ve laid out the plan it’s time to break out the plastic and get registered for all these 🙂

I ran Dallas for a cause, I was saddened that I only raised $80.  Should I try to raise money again this year?