First Jog of 2015

So, here’s a link to the start of 2015.  Not very impressed?  Neither am I!  It is true that I completely slacked off of everything since running the MetroPCS Half Marathon in Dallas almost three weeks ago – running? slacker; eating? slacker; sleep?  slacker;  booze? SLACKER!

With 2015 and the 5-4-54 firmly in my sights today was the day to stop slacking.

One of the most important things I’m planning to do this year is to take the cardiac challenge more seriously.  I’ve been stubbornly reluctant to consider a beta-blocker to control my heart rate, but I’m going to have a serious discussion with my cardiologist next Wednesday about going back on and here’s why;  My heart rate should be way lower than it is.

I had an appointment with my physician on Monday and even she commented on my RHR.  She knows how much I ran all year and believes that my RHR should be closer to 70, not 98.  Ditto the running heart rate.  Given all the miles I’ve been logging there is no reason for me to be pushing the mid 160’s with an RPE of 3-4.

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