Gobble Wobble

Had a lot of fun running in the Littleton, Colorado Gobble Wobble this morning.  Good sized crowd too, 1,322!  The path was pretty narrow for a large community fun event that attracted a sizable number of strollers, dogs, and walkers.  I was hoping for less than 30:00 but the 5,500 for altitude got the best of me on the final 300 yards and I just didn’t have it in me to sprint.

Just a drop in the bucket(list)

This race is on the top of my list of most scenic marathons that I want to complete.  I’m seriously considering adding this to my race schedule for 2015 and am going to have to weigh the pros/cons of whether I want to run the full or the half, considering I’m running Grandma’s Marathon in June.  I really don’t see where it would be an issue running another full 3-months later.  Yes, it will be a challenge wrt training.  But if that dude, whose name escapes me, can run a marathon every weekend for 74 weekends then I can certainly challenge myself and run two in a course of three months.  I’m only here for a finite period of time, and there are far too many extraordinarily scenic marathons that I want to run before that time is up – considering I’m a late bloomer.  Okay, I just talked myself into it……now, if only I could convince just ONE of the Richmond group to join me – now THAT would be EPIC!



Despite the fact that I’m not very fast these days, but I am certifiably crazy, I just registered for the Gobble Wobble in Littleton, Colorado on thanksgiving morning.  I’m excited to be going to Denver to cook thanksgiving dinner and share the day with Deni.  How much better of a month could this be for a proud dad?!?!  I get the privilege of running with Kelly and then I get to sit and give thanks for all of the blessings in my life with Deni.  Regardless of the depression I have over relationship issues I am truly blessed and am so happy to know that I have the kind of relationship with my daughters that I never had growing up.


Anthem Richmond Half Marathon

With the finish line adrenaline slowly disappearing from my memory I thought it best to get down a few words before my poor 53-y.o. brain starts shoveling sand over the memories.

As if the joy of finishing another fantastic half wasn’t enough Richmond gets top honors of the year, and in the top 5 lifetime, for best racing experience. If it weren’t for Kelly, Kayoll, Mark, Natalie, and Paige this would have been just another half-marathon in my quest for 6 in 2014. Not enough can be said about the endorphine boost you must get from sharing an experience such as this with family and new friends. It often takes years for people to bond on the same level that runners can do over the course of one single race weekend.

Having been the only runner in my family for many, many years it was a great day for me when, in 2011, Kelly and I ran the Herndon, VA 10K and Kelly decided that she too was a runner – I finally had someone in my bloodline with whom I could share the ups and downs of running with and in the years since I’ve been so proud to share Kelly’s running successes.

Now here we are, three years later, and I get the privilege of being folded into Kelly’s pack. Never having been as outgoing as Kelly I never was part of a herd of my own – always the lone bull elk, running solo. So this weekend for me was such a high, I became an extended family member of Kelly’s pack and was warmly welcomed.

And what a successful pack it was! Of the 6-member Road to Richmond group there were 5 of us who had concrete time goals and every single one of us succeeded in fulfilling, even shattering, those goal times. There is no denying that every single one of us felt euphoric sharing in Natalie’s Boston qualifying time. In just a couple of years we’ll all be glued to our computer screens pounding on the F5 key looking for her Boston finishing time! I can’t wait!

There are already rumours of a reunion that just two days ago was flatly denied.  I’ve heard whisperings that Mark may have changed his mind, hinting “maybe in 2016”. The camaraderie that I experienced only gives me more of a reason to not be the lone bull elk thundering around Lake Zorinsky, to find an Omaha herd. Maybe I can bring a new member to our little group of far flung runners and we can grow to a greater size and aspire to new heights in 2016. I’ll be ready, and I will be there.